4 Design Blogs that I follow and I think you should too

I've been very busy with my MATS Home Décor course, connecting with amazing artists that I admire and learning A LOT. It can be very stressing and overwhelming but also very inspiring. I couldn't post my homework for Fabric (last week's subject) because I went on a short trip to a beautiful farm with no phone or Internet and I pretty much got disconnected of my daily life. For now, it's clear that I have to build up a strong portfolio if want to go somewhere in my career.

Now I'm back to Paris and my son is on vacations. So, finding time to study, take care of my kids and keep up with my assignments is very challenging. But to be a part of such talented community is a daily gift.

Well, I was planning about this post before I started this course so I can continue with my "sharing knowledge" mood. So, this time is about art/design blogs that I've been following for years that I wanted to talk about! They're a real source of inspiration for me and reading them regularly is how I try to identify what's trendy in the creative world, find about new artists and, if I like a post subject, go deeper in researching. For someone who loves information like me, there's nothing better.

Here they are:

  1. Design Milk: Everything I love - Art, Architecture, Interiors, Products, Home, Jewellery and more. The content is so well selected. I check it daily.
  2. Fubiz: Daily dose of inspiration and contemporary creative culture platform. Very diverse and interesting.
  3. Swissmiss: I really respect what Tina Roth Eisenberg does in sharing content in design, creativity and inspiration. I check it as much as I can and she has a Friday Link Pack full of interesting things to see in the Internet.
  4. Dezeen Magazine: A magazine as they say. I love the way they mix subjects like Architecture, Product Design, Art and Technology. It's very trendy and full of cool content.

I have in my Feed reader many others more and I'll be soon sharing them. I hope you like it.

Wasn't I right to disconnect? I could not resist to share this amazing view.

Wasn't I right to disconnect? I could not resist to share this amazing view.