Back on track

Hello folks, I'm back!

Yes, I'm back with a new website, new projects and a new energy. I just realised that my last post is from November 2015, and we're already May 2017. "What a shame!" I think..  and well, I wasn't exactly free all this time to be investing in my site, but this is no excuse. Anyway, so many things happened and I'll try to make it short:

1) I don't have my space studio anymore in the center of Paris. I'm back home with all my stuff.

2) Last year I was invited to illustrate a poetry book in Brazil, it was a delightful process that took me 2 months. All the illustrations are in watercolour. This is the result:

3) I also had the pleasure to make the art direction for the website of the Brazilian architect Guto Requena. He's a rising star and an amazing person.

4) I've been developing patterns and printing them in many products. I love the way Print On Demand is changing the way we consume and design. For now, I have two e-shops: Society6 and PAOM. I already "opened" two others that I'll update with new art soon. 

society6 pillow

5) I'll be sending newsletters with some news if you want to subscribe, scroll down in the homepage and you'll find the link! I promise I won't bother you!

Thanks for your visit!