Brasil Mania pop-up store in images

Hello! It's been a week already and I cant hardly believe how cool it was. The third edition of "Brasil Mania pop-up store" gathered great energy, people and creativity! Nice meetings about entrepreneurship, beautiful selection of products and the best host ever: the gorgeous Storia Gallery and its founder Emmanuelle Picciolo Gormezano. Launching my brand Lavinia Objetos in such great conditions just got me more and more inspired to move on. I'm very grateful to Isabel Brossolette Branco and Hellen Kupfer-Hass the masterminds behind the web platform Paris Mania. Take a look at the pictures below:

storia gallery
details of the objects at storia gallery
showing my products at the cocktail party
details of the products
details of the products
details of the textiles

When life happens


I decided not to write about last Friday's attacks here in Paris or the death of a whole river in Brazil. It's all too sad and unacceptable, and people are already talking about it. I want to talk about life. My life, ordinary lives. And how blessed, happy and lucky I am to be able to express myself with freedom. While writing this post I received a notification of a Tweet from my beloved Sketchbook Skool. If you read my blog, you know I can't be more grateful to Danny Gregory and Koosje Koene to inspire a huge community and allow me to completely change my creative life. What a surprise and honor to have my post displayed in their blog! Isn't that cool?

From the beginning of last week till few minutes ago, I was drowned in front of my computer finishing a presentation that was really time consuming. Huge research, concept development and, only for that, I had to give birth to three logos! I don't talk that much about my graphic designer background here, isn't? Well, the cool thing about getting back to my pens and pencils is that it brought me much more jobs. And once it requires more illustration, I have more pleasure working on them. Take a look at this logo below, my sketching experiences inspired a client to explore it commercially. Happy client and happy designer! I am updating my portfolio soon now I learned to play with mockups! Yummy!

We're at the very last week of our MATS course. It's been very, very intense and decided that I want to spent next year painting at my studio. Really. Dedicate my time to my passion, I'm sure is going to be awesome! I already found few courses to keep going on... but this I'll have to ask to my communities to help me to decide. I'll be back with this answer soon!