Facebook: my new self challenge

And this is not what you're thinking about. No, I'm not leaving Facebook. 

I post daily, I interact with my family and friends in Brazil and all over the world, I work and I learn a lot everyday. 

But few days ago I've accidentally started drawing faces, from photos, from my imagination, cartoonish, realistic... I posted one drawing and I had nice compliments. Another drawing and the AHA! moment happened: I decided to keep my experiences in one sketchbook that I called, of course, Facebook.

The idea is to fill the pages daily and post the drawings on Instagram (follow me: @superlavis, I'm a private user but if you're not selling anything I'll accept you!). I'll be using the #drawinginmyfacebook hashtag.

 I don't know for how many days I'll do it, I don't have any precise style, I have no idea how many pages the sketchbook has, I don't know yet if I'll use color and I don't created and follow very strict rules. The only serious rule I created is drawing faces or head elements.

So, the whole idea is just to have some fun. I hope you enjoy it too!

My Facebook pages

My Facebook pages