About online courses and why I'm addicted to them

Hello everyone!

I decided I'll be posting regularly on my blog on Wednesdays and I'll also try to keep my site updated with my latest projects. Anyway, if you want to check it out or suggest something, please drop me a line whenever you want.

That said, my life has completely changed after my little "atelier". I feel so grateful with the opportunity given by my studio mates (I'll talk about them later) of sharing that space. Getting out of my house to work has increased my productivity a lot and, with the goal of improving my skills, I can finally follow my online courses much better. Yes, I confess: I'm addicted to online courses and I wish to have much more time available to watch and practice!

For me there's nothing more practical than that, not to mention the community, which is the best thing you can achieve, a cool connexion with people who have the same interests as you. It can really changes your life, like it changed mine as I posted before. The content available out there is so cool, there are so many different things, that I made a selection of the courses I'm taking now, going to take soon or wish I could take:

Explore Colour: This brand new course is the one I'm taking right now. It got me back to practicing acrylic painting and I couldn't be happier. I haven't painted in acrylics for about 15 years and I'm re-discovering a huge passion. The content of the course is posted in two weekends and you make 2 paintings with her guidelines each weekend. Este's is a very skilled painting artist, her method is very unique and her availability and tips are precious. I believe she'll have a new class in January 2016. More information here.

MATS A + Bootcamp 2016: In October I'll be taking the last live reviews courses from Lilla Rogers ' "Make Art That Sells (part A)". It covers five different markets that an artist could approach and sell their art (like children books, scrapbooking, paper goods, etc.), the Part B is another 5 markets. The previous home décor course I have taken was packed with lots and lots of info and I believe I wasn't really ready to take it. Summer trips, kids at home, lack of concentration... I needed much more time and experience because the level is really high. But, I'm excited to take another one once Lilla is an inspiration and keep us very busy with many exercises, marketing and business tips. Anyway, I'll be busy with her a lot because I signed up to Bootcamp 2016. Can't wait! 

Skillshare and Creative Bug: These two platforms are similar in the way they work: you sign up and pay a monthly fee to access their content. Creative Bug is more arts and crafts oriented and Skillshare is great for design and tech skills update. There are so many options, sooooooo many content that you have to filter what interests you the most. And those platforms are REALLY addictive. Creative Bug features Lisa Congdon, Molly Hatch and Yao Cheng, some of the few artists that admire. Skillshare has Jessica Hische, Elizabeth Olwen, also Lisa Congdon and many other to discover.

Koosje Koene: Top of my wish list. The co-founder of Sketchbook Skool has beautiful designed courses for improving drawing skills and art journaling. I love the way she teaches and the exercises she proposed... I think after MATS, I'll be going back to the basics. I gave a break from Sketchbook School, that I love, but I think I'll take January courses as they'll have Felix Schoenberger as a teacher.

Liz Steel's Sketching Now courses:  I found about Liz in Sketchbook School and she's a very well known artist in the Urban Sketchers community. I love her style and her techniques on drawing observation, my friend who took Foundations told me she learned a lot.

Carla Sonheim: Some of the classes offered are in my wish list, like Word Play. I never took any of them but I hope I find time soon. Few of my online friends totally recommend it. 

Long post isn't it? You'll have fun checking out about all of those courses. Let me know if you get inspired and enroll to any of them. See ya!

Few exercises for Explore Colours course

Few exercises for Explore Colours course

Happy new studio!

Hello September!

As I posted in my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds I have exciting news! Finally I'll have my own studio here in Paris. "Mon nouveau atelier" is small, cozy and very well located, something that I've been dreaming for a while. I'm sharing the space with a small fashion brand that you'll hear about because they're very talented people. So, dreams can be true when you are grateful to the universe (and your lovely husband!). 

I'll be posting some photos soon. 

Keys to my private paradise creative bubble!  

Keys to my private paradise creative bubble!  

6 best Art Supplies Stores in Paris to amuse you while I'm getting back to reality

Hello friends!

It's been a while I haven't posted anything, or even updated my portfolio (shame on me!) and that's because I spent a whole month in vacations. I went on a trip with my husband and two kids (5yo and 2,5 yo). It was exhausting (small children parents knows what I'm talking about...) and amazing. Almost no Internet, no computer or IPad... just a bad connection sometimes to post few photos. We visited many different places and enjoyed a lot being close to the water, both the Mediterranean Sea and the Drôme River. The kids had a blast.

The "Grand Bleu", multicolor waters in the Porquerolles Island, South of France

The "Grand Bleu", multicolor waters in the Porquerolles Island, South of France

La Roane, a gorgeous river in the Drome department

La Roane, a gorgeous river in the Drome department

I also had a break from regular drawing and I don't regret it all, because I wrote A LOT. Journaling is a cool experience and I pampered myself with some contemplation time. Reading some books, going bike riding and trekking, and being in contact with the nature (and great wine) can change your mood for the year ahead. 

Now I'm back to reality here in Paris, trying to get things done. I'll be taking MORE online classes next semester and the next one of it is in acrylic painting! I'm so excited! Don't worry, I'll post it about it later. So, before I have something cool from my production to show, let's go shopping for art material to get inspired.

Here are, in my opinion, the BEST art supplies addresses in Paris:

Le Géant des Beaux-Arts: it's like Paradise in Earth, I can happily cross the town for getting in one of the 2 stores they have here (I go in the one in the 11ème) but I do almost my shopping online.

Rougier & Plé (Graphigro): They are 50 stores in France and I normally go to the one in the XVème, but it's not my favorite I like the one in the Marais. They have a nice selection of products.

Lavrut: I visited this shop a while ago, I found everything very expensive but they are located in a famous "Passage", so the visit is something special.

Sennelier: you just want to die when you get inside this tiny little shop in the Rive Gauche packed with the best (and expensive) you can find in art materials. They sell Dr. Ph Martins inks here, the only place I found it. They have weird open time schedule, but if you visit the Louvre you just cross a bridge and you're there. They have another shop in Montparnasse but it was closed when I try to visit.

Boesner: Never been there but my sketching folks loves the address, they have some amazing squared sketchbooks. I'm planning to go soon.

Marin: A friend told me about it and it seems like THE secret place, where the pros go. They have a good website and I think I gonna freak out when I see this place. They are a wood, colors and fabric manufacturer! 

So if you are an art material addict, like me, visiting Paris let me know if you stop by one of these stores.

Have fun!